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A business on a mission – Living Water Resort & Spa

Living Water Resort – on workforce challenges, attraction and retention Most people in and around Collingwood have some awareness of Living Water Resorts. Cranberry Golf Course, Bear Estate, Living Water Resort & Spa, Living Water Marina and other Living Water...

Ancient Kombucha Comeback in Collingwood

The founder of Collingwood Kombucha, Christy Deere, says “I came to Collingwood for love. I grew up in Barrie and had moved away some 18 years before, but when I fell in love with somebody in Collingwood in 2006, I also fell back in love with the Collingwood I...

Heretic Spirits’: Collingwood’s Modern-Day Alchemists

The Story of Heretic Spirits'Do you remember your first bite of cotton candy? As you held it, you may have contemplated why anyone would put a cotton ball in their mouth, but as the cloud-like treat touched your tongue and melted into sugary crystals that coated your...

A Smash-ing Success: The Story of Georgian Bay Spirit Company

The Story of Georgian Bay Spirit Co.Georgian Bay Spirit Company took the craft beverage world by storm when they released their first canned cocktail, the Georgian Bay Gin Smash, in the spring of 2016. The success of this revolutionary product hinged on two very...

Why Collingwood?

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As one of the top places in Ontario to open and operate a small business, Collingwood boasts a growing population and a thriving business community. Collingwood acts as gateway to the South Georgian Bay region, with stunning landscapes that encourages an active lifestyle, and inspire the local arts & culture community. Collingwood is home to an exceptional primary, secondary, and post-secondary education system, as well as integrated healthcare services, extensive career opportunities and a wide range of shopping choices in historical, harbourfront downtown Collingwood.

Collingwood Events

Collingwood Events

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Collingwood and area host various events throughout the year designed to connect, support, and engage business owners and entrepreneurs – check out our updated listings for what’s upcoming, and we’ll see you there!