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Collingwood’s Tech Hub North profiled in The Voice Magazine

Collingwood’s reputation as a growing hub for progressive technology companies continues to attract media attention.  A recent article in The Voice – a leading publication for professional engineers in Ontario – investigated the market through the eyes of MacLean Engineering’s Vice President of Product Management, Patrick Marshall.

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Marshall, who relocated to South Georgian Bay in September 2018, after spending nearly five years with mining giant Barrick Gold, writes of his surprise in learning of the wealth of mining companies that call this area home:

“Looking at the number of local companies serving  the mining  industry, you might be tempted to think South Georgian Bay is a major centre for mining technology in Canada: MacLean Engineering, Breaker Technology, MEDATech, Masaba Canada and other specialized manufacturers form a veritable mining technology hub”

voice magazine-2Marshall goes on to discuss other regional technology leaders outside of the mining sector:

“The more I learn about my new home, the more I realize that the area isn’t just a mining hub; it’s a tech hub in general…There’s Agnora, fabricator of the largest architectural glass in North  America (including all Apple stores). There’s Jentii, whose network solution addresses all20 SysAdmin, Audit, Network and Security (SANS) vulnerabilities and mitigates any data breach in minutes. There’s AdBank, a blockchain-based digital ad brokerage platform that uses artificial intelligence (AI) to combat fraud. There’s Greenland Engineering & Technologies Group, a company that’s spearheading a local water technology cluster. And the list goes on.”

For the full article, visit https://www.collingwood.ca/council-government/news-notices/tech-hub-north

Or, watch the video to hear more about Patrick and his South Georgian Bay story