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Dave Mottola: Smash Reality

At the end of October, a gala event was held at the Blue Mountain Village Conference Centre to celebrate the 2019 Ontario Tourism Awards of Excellence. One of the winners was Collingwood firm Smash Reality, recognized for their work—involving a series of installations comprising 1 million lights—with the Blue Mountain Village Association.

The Awards of Excellence recognize tourism industry successes by honouring those who have made significant contributions to Ontario’s tourism industry. The contribution that Smash Reality made? The Blumination Dream Trail at Blue Mountain Resort.

Dave Mottola

Starting each evening at dusk from November 30th, Blumination is a complimentary experience for resort visitors that includes spectacularly lighted installations and pathways combined with sensational sounds along a one-kilometer winter stroll “through the heights of innovation to the edge of your imagination.”

By bringing together dynamic light installations with inventive technology, the event creates a playful and heartwarming winter wonderland like no other. From the Frozen Garden to the Enchanted Forest and through the Mind Warp, to name a few, the Blumination Dream Trail is an interactive delight.

Blumin’ returns

The inaugural Blumination experience in 2018 attracted 12,000 visitors per week and drove commercial sales at Blue Mountain Village up 18% for the month of December. It’s no surprise that the experience has returned for 2019.

“We love that we are able to create things that people are able to walk in, around, and interact with,” says Dave Mottola, Creative Director at Smash Reality. “Where the technology world and the real world meet, where people are interacting with things, that’s our space.”

Elvis Yourselvis

Mottola and the crew at Smash Reality first garnered local attention for an interactive display conceived for the Collingwood Elvis fest. Christened Elvis Yourselvis, the interactive display/game used machine learning to judge how well participants mimicked Elvis’ signature poses.

“That was a lot of fun, and very popular,” remarks Mottola, a 30-something who moved to Collingwood with his family in early 2019. Mottola answered a job posting from the digital agency he now works for and the rest is history. “It’s an ideal fit for me,” says Mottola, “Smash is a whole lot of fun, very inventive, very cutting edge. And the lifestyle here suits us perfectly, especially having just started a family.”

For the 2019/2020 winter season, the Blumination Dream Trail is open November 30, 2019 to March 28, 2020 from dusk to 10 p.m.

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