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From Alberta, With Love.

When Holly Clayton graduated from the University of Alberta with a BSc in Environmental Engineering, she knew she wanted to make a career choice that played to her lifestyle.

“I’m from Calgary, but I’ve been coming to the Collingwood area ever since I was little to visit my aunt. I’m pretty active, so when I thought about a place where I really wanted to live  and build my career, Collingwood came to mind right away.”

After interviewing via Skype, Clayton quickly found a berth as an Intern Engineer on the environmental engineering team at Tatham Engineering, a consulting engineering firm with some 125 employees in five Ontario offices, headquartered in Collingwood.

“It’s a department that concentrates on water and wastewater and I get to contribute on a variety of projects, from designing wastewater treatment systems for resorts and small communities to site assessments across Ontario and environmental assessment planning,” beams Clayton. “Every project is slightly different. I never know what I’ll be working on next. I love the challenges and the variety.”

Like many of her colleagues, Clayton spends a lot of personal time outdoors. “When I got here in May 2017 I joined the Collingwood Dragon Boat Club. I enjoy road biking, running, and this past summer took up triathlons. It’s perfect for that here—I can leave straight from work and bike up the Escarpment, run just about anywhere, or swim in the Bay. I joined the swim team as well.”

And that’s just outside of work. Aside from her engineering duties, Clayton is Chair of the Social Committee, planning company-wide events across all offices. She started up a twice-weekly yoga lunch session at the Collingwood office

“Coming into the area and not knowing anyone my own age, I knew how others would feel, so I created a little group in our work community for people new to Collingwood and new to the area.”


Firmly entrenched at both Tatham Engineering and in Collingwood after two years, Clayton is working on getting her P. Eng. “I’m looking forward to more responsibility,” she admits. “I’m excited to see what projects we get coming up in the next years. It’s exciting.”

Asked if she misses Calgary, Clayton maintains that she misses her family, but likes the accessibility of Collingwood compared to a big city. “Getting established here feels like a natural step in my growth.”