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South Georgian Bay

Recognized as Canada’s most entrepreneurial small community by the Canadian Federation of Independent Business, Collingwood and the South Georgian Bay area are home to a diverse range of industry-leading technology and knowledge economy firms. The region has emerged in recent years as a hub for dynamic entrepreneurs aiming to start or grow their businesses, all while balancing work and play.

Why feature this unique story of economic and local business success? To start, our cutting-edge tech firms supply the largest companies in the world. Our community is home to:

  • The only heavy water (deuterium) producer in Canada
  • The manufacturer of the largest architectural glass in North America
  • A manufacturer of advanced underwater communications equipment that supplies governments worldwide, including the U.S. Navy
  • Canada’s leading mining equipment manufacturer
  • An engineering firm that conducts R&D work for some of North America’s largest heavy equipment manufacturers

Top 3

Canada’s Best-kept Tech Secrets

Advanced technology firms are increasingly establishing operations around Collingwood and South Georgian Bay, capitalizing on a combination of available talent, lower business costs and better work-life balance. The result: a town and region that is rapidly diversifying its economy, adding 21st century technology and manufacturing success stories to a local market well known as a four-seasons playground. Meet some of our top technology players and learn how they’ve managed to compete with major multinationals from their Collingwood home base.

The Water Capital of Canada

Local engineering and water technology firms such as Isowater, Sensor Technologies, Greenland Engineering, CC Tatham & Associates and C.F. Crozier and Associates are leading the way in water management and filtration, servicing organizations and governments around the world. Their CEOs can provide in-depth insight into the sector’s future, as well as how Collingwood and the South Georgian Bay area have emerged as the water technology capital of Canada.

An Evolving Economy, A Community Committed To Smart Growth

How Collingwood is taking steps to leverage the success of its local technology and knowledge-based businesses to rebrand as a technology hub and reposition a tourism-centric economy for decades of continued growth and success.

Tech Hub North

Greenland Group