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Craft Beverage

The Town has worked to position itself as Ontario’s Craft Beverage Capital, leveraging its supportive craft community, strong tourism sector, and burgeoning craft food sector. Collingwood provides the perfect opportunity for visitors to tour, tap and taste the incredible food and beverages that follow in the footsteps of the town’s long history of brewing, distilling, and culinary expertise dating back to the 1800’s. 
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Craft Beverage Sector


The healthcare sector comprises establishments that deliver both private and public services for individuals for medical care exclusively and those providing social assistance. Within Collingwood, the largest provider of healthcare services is the Collingwood General and Marine Hospital, an 84-bed hospital open 24 hours. View the profile.



This sector relies on the use and coordination of information, automation, computation, software, sensing, and networking to make use of cutting edge materials and emerging capabilities. This involves both new ways to manufacture existing products, and the manufacture of new products emerging from new advanced technologies. View the profile.



Ontario’s 4-season recreation capital for winter sports, watersports, cycling, hiking and more than 60kms of trails. Its colourful history shaped by the railways, shipbuilding and agriculture can be seen in its historic downtown that is bustling with energy and creativity and is home to an incredible array of culinary talent and local, farm fresh and artisanal foods and beverages. With stunning landscapes that encourage an active lifestyle, Collingwood is a historic harbourfront community that was recently ranked by Expedia as one of the top 10 most beautiful destinations in Canada. View the profile.


Knowledge & Professional Services

Collingwood is the ultimate place to grow your knowledge business, a place whose amenities and business community support rival those of our biggest cities. It’s no wonder that forward-thinking business leaders are locating their companies here.  View the profile.

Knowledge and Professional sector

Sustainable Green Economy

The green economy is an emerging and aspirational sector for Collingwood, and one where the Town and community partners have made significant strides by putting a “green lens” on local decision making. View the profile.

Green economy