Key Resources

As part of the Development Curation service, below is a list of resources (growing over time) to assist the development community in their decision making:

Data Dashboard

The Collingwood Data Dashboard is an easy-to-navigate interactive dashboard packed with the most up to date metrics available, layering open public data together with our community’s unique datasets to create a comprehensive data profile for the local business leader, entrepreneur considering starting a business here and potential investors. Click Here.

Collingwood Data Dashboard

Community Profile

The Collingwood Community Profile is a free, bi-annually updated resource with statistical and demographic information, as well as funding/financing programs and local insights. Last update: September 2023.

Key Resources

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Official Plan

The Town’s Official Plan establishes goals, objectives, land use, transportation, servicing and community improvement policies to direct the physical growth of the Town of Collingwood. It acts within relevant social, economic and environmental constraints, in order to obtain the most desirable living environment for present and future residents, and those citizens from the surrounding area who are utilizing the regional facilities within the Town.

The Official Plan was updated and approved December 2023.


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Zoning Bylaw

The Town’s Zoning Bylaw regulates the use, size, height, density, and location of buildings on properties within the Town. Each property within the municipality is governed by this document – reach out to economic development for assistance.

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Development Charges

Development charges index most years – the most up to date information can be found on the Town of Collingwood web portal. Development charges are levies against new development charged to assist in financing the infrastructure required to meet the increased need for services resulting from growth and development.

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Property Taxation

Taxation rates are set annually by Council and organized by property classes and are set annually by Council based on the municipal budget.

Public Spaces
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The Lakelands Association of Realtors

With a membership of about 600 licensed realtors, The Lakelands Association of Realtors is committed to providing the local knowledge and expertise you need when buying or selling Southern Georgian Bay real estate.

Real Estate

Work in Simcoe County

The Work in Simcoe County web portal aggregates job listings from over 20 websites that represent multiple sectors and communities within the County of Simcoe. This alleviates local employers from having to enter their job postings on multiple sites, as well as job seekers having to search a variety of platforms to search for local opportunities. Check out the Collingwood listings!

Work in Simcoe County