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When was the last time something you said was misunderstood? If you’ve ever travelled to another country, or sent an email for that matter, you can probably think of at least one. In the UK, the words ‘jumper’ and ‘braces’ don’t mean what they do here, for instance. In certain scenarios this type of miscommunication can be treacherous.

For businesses, clear communication can be just as important as the quality of their product or service. But how can they guarantee that the average consumer really ‘gets’ their message? This is where Carl Michener comes in. He has spent the better part of two decades perfecting his ability to communicate his clients’ value to their customers through his business ¡Outwrite! Communications. Carl is a content marketer who works and lives in Collingwood, serving clients locally and around the globe, from Sanford Fleming Street to Finland to Florida and further afield.

As a content marketer, Carl helps businesses create preference for their products or services through thoughtful writing and video that communicates the company’s value. He writes websites, ads, blogs and articles, eBooks, video scripts and strategic documents like annual reports for his clients. He also plans marketing & sales strategies, amongst a host of other services. The product of a Toronto advertising/public relations household and a graduate of McGill University, Carl is an expert in communication. His wide-ranging set of writing skills offer him the flexibility to work with his clients to determine how to best get their message across.

Carl’s capacity to quickly grasp dense and complicated content and make it easily digestible is what truly sets him apart as a content marketer. Through over two decades of work in marketing, Carl has grown his base of professional, commercial and industrial knowledge. He is a quick study when it comes to working with new clients—no matter how technical or ‘dense’ their subject matter—which is what allows him to quickly identify their strengths and to express them in precise, compelling language.

The attraction: Ontario’s premiere 4-season outdoor playground

The intensity that Carl brings to his work spills over into his hobbies. A modern renaissance man of sorts, Carl speaks exclusively French at home with his children and also speaks Spanish and Japanese. He has travelled extensively, is a politically active environmentalist, an outdoorsman, and a self-professed gravity sports aficionado. Which might explain why he has made Collingwood his home.

For Carl, moving to Collingwood and building his life here was a matter of balance. It allowed him to continue working as content marketer locally, while still being able to commute to Toronto as needed; it offered amenities such as the Collingwood Foundry co-working space, where he works most days; and most importantly, it gave him the ability to go get outside with his kids and just play!

“I love it up here,” says Carl. “We’ve got restaurants, we’ve got bars, we have live music, we have water and mountain, forest and trail. It’s pretty ideal. One of my favourite parts of living here is that I can bike anywhere in 15 minutes or less, which means my car just sits in the driveway most of the time.” Carl’s favourite sports are mountain biking, all snow sports and surfing, which has made Collingwood a perfect place for him to live.

Carl’s relocation from Toronto to Alliston to Collingwood (arrival in 2014) brought many benefits to the Town of Collingwood, its companies and its wild places. Over the past seven years, he has volunteered as Director and Communications Chair of environmental charity Blue Mountain Watershed Trust, has run a popular marketing copywriting course for Town employees, and works directly with local businesses including MEDATech Engineering, Canopy Media, the Greater Goods, as well as the Town of Collingwood itself.

“I really appreciate being able to work with the Town’s Business Development Centre,” comments Carl. “I love having a hand in shaping our future and encouraging knowledge-economy entrepreneurs and business owners to choose Collingwood. This place is destined to grow, and this is the right direction for growth. The BDC team gets that.”

Over the years, Carl coined Collingwood’s Live More Now slogan and worked closely with former BDC Director Martin Rydlo on everything from business outreach campaigns to creating the Town’s latest Economic Development Action Plan. As he looks forward to putting the pandemic behind him, Carl is excited about the opportunity to connect with new clients who have recently made the transition to this area and are looking to expand their marketing reach.

For more information and to connect with Carl, visit his website at www.outwrite.ca or drop him a line at carl@outwrite.ca.

Photo Credits: Dave West Photography
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